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Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Proud to be Green
Happy Paws is
proud to be Green

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RE: FDA REPORT ON POSSIBLE LINK OF GRAIN FREE PET FOOD  TO DCM...enlarged heart in dogs and cats.

Our pet foods are especially formulated by our inhouse Veterinarian and Pet Nutritionist  at our CFIA inspected manufacturing plant. We do have whole brown California rice grain to balance the protein-carb ratio. WE DO NOT HAVE THE DCM SUSPECT CAUSING LEGUMES, i.e. lentils, chickpeas, peas, pea flour and potato ingredients in our dog or cat food.

Deno, General Manager

** Read FDA Investigating Potential Link Between
Diet and Heart Disease in Dogs **



Gluten Free Happy PawsHappy Paws, a Natural Pet Food company, was founded on June 2nd, 1996 in Victoria, B.C., Canada. Our holistic and wholesome pet food, with certified organic veggies and fruit, has been explicitly developed by us and a veterinarian to produce a complete, tasty, and nutritionally balanced diet. The lamb formula is for dogs, and the chicken formula is for cats, all ages and all breeds!

Make the best choice for your pets! Each time you purchase our Happy Paws pet food products, you are:

  • Purchasing a product with sustainable protein ingredients: NZ free range Lamb, BC grain-fed chicken and BC wild small fish. Ongoing supply meeting our present needs while NOT compromising future supplies!
  • Purchasing an award-winning product!
  • Supporting a made-in-Canada product!
  • Knowing that all product bags are 100% recyclable!
  • Eliminating the need for chemical repellants: Happy Paws contains a natural flea repellant and a natural hair ball deterrent ingredient!
  • Able to choose from a variety of product sizes, all competitively priced!
  • Purchasing a product that is sold nation-wide!
  • Feeding your pets food that is non-GMO, hypo-allergenic, CFIA veterinarian inspected, and contains many certified organic ingredients!
  • Promoting a healthy skin & shiny coat for your pet. Fish oil aids in controlling excessive fur loss and lessens seasonal shed!!

We continue to strive for excellence in pet nutrition with our Happy Paws products!

Happy Paws - All Natural Pet Food

Read CVMA (Canadian Medical Veterinarian
Association) Nutrition Articles




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