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Happy Paws, a Natural Pet Food company, was founded on June 2nd, 1996 in Victoria, B.C., Canada. Our holistic and wholesome pet food, with certified organic veggies and fruit, is now sold right across Canada, and the USA! Our Happy Paws formula has been explicitly developed by us and a veterinarian to produce a complete, tasty, and nutritionally balanced diet for dogs and cats of all ages and breeds.

The health benefits listed below are contained in our high density meat/fish Happy Paws pet food:

  • 600 kcal per cup in our Canine Formula.
  • 560 kcal per cup in our Feline Formula.
  • Organic fruits and vegetables, certified by either PACS, QAI or CCOF, pending time of year and source of produce.
  • Non GMO ingredients.
  • Prebiotic nutritional yeast- aiding a healthy gut!
  • Live active enzymes - feeds similar to raw!
  • Hypoallergenic - for most pets!

Does not contain any wheat grains or wheat glutens!

We continue to strive for excellence in pet nutrition with our Happy Paws products!

Why Happy Paws?

1. OPTIMUM HEALTH FOR ALL LIFE STAGES - ALL BREEDS - DOGS & CATS - Happy Paws is formulated by our own Vet to be nutritional & correct for all Pets! The fat content is the major item changed in most commercial foods -our fat content is in the middle of the scale so that you can just adjust the amount fed to achieve the correct growth &/or weight of your pet!

2. "FEEDS NATURALLY LIKE RAW" slow cooked in our Vacuum Infusion vat to preserve most of the live enzymes & extra enzymes are added at the end to ensure proper digestion & assimilation of our nutritional ingredients! Many of our clients alternate when feeding raw without any tummy upsets!

3. 'HOLISTIC' (WHOLESOME) - Our Pet Nutritionist has formulated each fresh ingredient for optimum health and longevity

4. NO GMO (GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS) IN OUR FORMULAS -  some pet foods contain GMO ingredients - for more info on this important health benefit for your family, click here

5. CFIA - Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspected plant

6. ORGANICS - many organic ingredients listed - organic carrots, spinach, apples, garlic & parsley

7. SUPER VITAMIN & CHELATED MINERALS for best absorption, plus it exceeds Calcium requirements for all breed sizes!

8. HYPO ALLERGENIC - No chemicals - No steroids - No corn - No white rice - No potatoes - No artificial colour/flavour - No by-products - No Cereal Grains

9. CHICKEN OIL - Filter processed - free of chicken protein - eliminating the risk of allergies to chicken.

10. PREBIOTIC ACIDOPHILUS - promotes digestive health

* IMPORTANT NOTE * -  NO RECALLS EVER on our HAPPY PAWS PET FOODS. We are proud to say our quality  pet food produced with NO OFF SHORE ingredients except NZ lamb, in a CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) inspected plant has never had a recall or the plant since their inception over 20 years ago!

We are proud to inform our pet owners that our high density meat & fish formulas contain 600 kcal per cup for canines & 560 kcal per cup for our felines! Both are considered mostly carnivores so high meat/fish content means health & vitality!

Feed less - with less stool while maintaining their optimum weight! It satisfies their hunger as well!!

Please feel free to submit your success stories and photos...

Testimonial from Kandahar Afghanistan


Here is a picture of Bella with Jay and myself. Bella is an explosive expert who has saved many lives and works exclusively with OMLT HQ. Bella loves the food that you sent and Jay was very impressed with the quality and nutritional value... he can see the difference in Bella, and both send their many thanx.




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